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My biggest fear is to be called NORMAL, I don’t about you, but that makes me feel rather inadequate. I was not put on this earth top be NORMAL and I’m not gonna let anyone with a NORMAL mindset tell me what I can and cannot do I was born for GREATNESS and to be the best I can be and so are YOU!!!
John Coutis

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John Coutis is a veteran public speaker and author, having spent decades sharing his story of not just survival against all odds but of his perseverance, positivity, and success. His devotion to forging an unbreakable mindset has inspired over 6 million people around the world to embrace life as it comes and learn to truly take in the lessons along the way.

John has dealt with countless challenges in life, from defying the prognosis of doctors that gave him little chance of survival to going through years of bullying at school and having ongoing medical issues that plagued his adulthood. Through it all, he learned to roll with the punches and stay strong, not just for himself but also for the people that matter to him most: his family.

Rolling around on his custom skateboard, John is always happy to tell his story with his signature contagious humour, ready to tell it how it is and help frame life’s challenges from a new perspective.

John has been a notable event speaker with former US President Bill Clinton, global entrepreneur Richard Branson, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the late Steven Covey, and former South African President Nelson Mandela.

Providing an amazingly unique perspective on life and all its challenges, John is able to show people the power of love, discipline, and simply giving people moments of your time.

Here are some specific topics that John can speak on:

  • Discovering inner perseverance
  • The power of developing and fostering genuine relationships
  • The importance of talking about and exploring mental health
  • Embracing the highs and lows of life for a better perspective
  • Carving out a unique and personal reason for life
  • Strategies for staying aligned to future goals

If you’re interested in finding out more about how to master your personal struggles to reframe your purpose in life, book John now to inspire people to live life with intentionality and clarity.

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