Martin Taupau

Co-founder of DSRUPTRS, professional NRL player

My culture is not just a part of me; it is the essence that guides my actions and shapes my identity. Rooted deeply within, it serves as my compass, and lights the path I walk and the values I uphold.
Martin Taupau

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Martin Taupau, professional athlete and Co-Founder of DSRUPTRS, is a professional NRL player representing the Samoan national team. His dedication to his sport and helping others feel inspired, motivated, and empowered reach his level has meant that his passion is in elevating individuals and organisations at all levels.

Moving from New Zealand to Australia at a young age, Martin was thrust into a new culture, facing a world of unfamiliarity. It wasn't an easy transition, but his community, church and family became his anchor. As he rose through the ranks, captaining junior teams, reality hit hard when game time became scarce in the senior squad. Self-doubt became a constant background hum, but he refused to let adversity define him.

Through sheer hard work and unwavering determination, he pushed himself to get better, day by day. He realised, if he hadn’t embraced the discipline to change his mindset, his life could have taken a drastically different path, it was a pivotal moment.

Martin now shares his story and how he overcame the many hurdles in his personal and professional life to help others gain perspective and stay inspired to lead and create positive change in their communities.

Here are some specific topics that Martin can speak on:

  • The trials and tribulations of succeeding as a professional athlete
  • Overcoming personal, professional, and societal pressures
  • Developing a successful mindset on and off the field
  • The importance of embracing culture
  • Advocating for mental health awareness
  • How to be a leader in all aspects of life

If you’re interested in finding out more about how to effectively lead a team or organisation in multiple areas, book Martin now to get started and elevate your operations to new heights.

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